Select the best springs to suit your trailer.

Springs come in two basic types.

Slipper Springs


Shackle Springs 

Then in each of these types of springs the bush sizes can be ordered and the number of leaves and the thickness of each leaf will give the different capacities of the springs. The length of the spring types will vary depending on the manufacturer. Springs can be measured from the centre of the eye at the front to the centre of the eye or end of the springs in a straight line across the spring. The capacities are always quoted as Kilos per pair.

Slipper and Shackle Spring Capacities

  • No of Leaf Capacity 6.5mm Capacity 6mm Capacity 8mm
  • 3 Leaf 750 Kg 600Kg 850Kg
  • 4 Leaf 900Kg 750Kg 1100Kg
  • 5 Leaf 1000Kg 900Kg 1300Kg
  • 6 Leaf 1200Kg 1100KG 1500Kg

The Springs can be used in different combinations such as double slipper or rocker system.

A. Double Slipper

While on a level surface the trailer could hold a greater load. When on an uneven surface the weight maybe all on one axle. Therefore it can only be registered to the capacity of one axle.

B. Rocker System. Can be supplied for 2 tonne to 6 tonne capacity.

The rocker systems come complete with all the hangers, rockers arms, shackle plates, springs and bolts etc. for one trailer. Instructions on setup are also available.

It is always wise to select suspension components that would carry a greater weight than required, as the weight of a trailer and load going down when it hits a bump is significantly increased.

One other kit is required for a rocker system. Once the axles have been selected, a tandem axle fitting kit is required to attached them to the rocker system.

This kit includes U bolts, Fish plates and Axle pads to suit the axles selected.

C. Single Slipper fitting kit.

Slipper fitting kit you need to specify the shape of the U Bolts to suit the axle selected.

D. Shackle Spring fitting kit.

The Shackle fitting kit – you need to specify the shape of the U Bolts to suit the axle selected.