There are several options for trailer brakes.

A. Mechanical overide drum brakes.
B. Mechanical overide disk brakes (with or without Galvanised Calipers).
C. Mechanical overide Hydraulic brakes either Drum or Disk.
D. Electric Brakes.

All except the electrical brakes require an overide coupling and handbrake plate and a cable kit to be operated. They rely on the towing vehicle braking and the trailer weight pushing on the towing vehicle to operate the brakes via a cable. With the Hydraulic Brakes the cable kit is replaced with Hydraulic lines, but the principle is the same.

This type of braking system is suitable for trailers up to 2000Kg.

Electric brakes operate via a controller either in the Vehicle or on the trailer. If the Controller is in the Vehicle, then only that Vehicle with a Controller can tow that trailer. However if the Controller is mounted on the trailer then any Vehicle can tow that trailer and the brakes will operate via the brake lights.

Electric Brakes can be fitted to any size trailer and if necessary a breakaway system can be fitted simply. A breakaway system is required for any trailers with an ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) exceeding 2000Kg.
Mechanical Drum Brakes

9" mechanical Drum Brakes
Cable operated.

Mechanical Disk Brakes

10" Mechanical Disc either Galv or Standard. Cable operated.

Mechanical Hydraulic Drum Brakes

9" Mechanical Hydraulic Drums

Mechanical Hydraulic Disc Brakes

10" Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Electric Brakes

10" Electric Drum Brakes


Kits are supplied for each of the above breaking systems, and you must specify the stud pattern for the wheels and the bearings required for the axle selected.

For Example:
Contains the discs,bearings, seals, dust caps, wheel nuts, galvanised capliers, stainless steel sliders, brake pads, anchor plates,overide coupling, marine hand brake plate and cable kit. The parts needed to fit disc brakes to a boat trailer up to two tonne.

This same brake kit can be used on any trailer for braking purposes up to two tonne.
There is a kit for each of the different types of brakes listed.