This page is under construction It will host all known trailer seals that we can purchase from our vast network of suppliers with in Australia

many more still to come

Seal 2 Ton

Seal Outside 85mm Inside 50mm Deep 10mm


Seal Outside 60mm Inside 43/45mm Deep 10mm   WLK
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Seal 2 Ton Supa Seal

Seal 2 piece Seal Tin Flange Outside of Flange 105mm. Outside of Seal Carrier 85mm. Inside Seal 45mm

Number on Seal NAK OUAY 48.45 84.95 9.9/19  1


Seal 4 Ton Tc 12636

Seal Outside 90mm Inside 60mm Deep 10mm

Seal 30 CWT

Seal Outside 69/70mm Inside 49.5mm Deep 9mm

Seal 3 Ton

Seal 3 Ton Outside 90mm Inside 62mm Deep 10mm

Seal 8" Red Rim WA

Seal KOK TC12081  Outside 2.500 inch.  Inside 1.375 inch.  Deep .375  inch

Seal 1500kg

Seal 1500 kg WA Outside 67mm Inside 47mm Deep900

Seal LM Holden 28550

Seal Holden or LM Outside 59mm.  Inside 48mm.  Deep 10mm
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Seal LM Holden Marine PR6641

Seal LM Holden Marine 2 Piece

Seal SL Ford 28600

Seal SL Ford 2.328*1.68*1.75
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Seal SL Ford Marine 82120

Seal SL Ford Marine 2 Piece Seal