ATV Trailers


ATV's are a great way to get around and they can do many things .It is the bike owner / operator's duty of care Not to tow nor carry anything outside of the Bike manufactors or operators limits. ( Which ever is less ) If in doubt check with the Bikes maker before purchasing a Trailer Warehouse product for use with a bike.

*Golf Buggy Trailer

Golf Buggy Trailer What a little beauty Includes an esky, BBQ and bag carrier. A fun machine and a novice way to see the Golf Course.  Even if the Golf Course is a 1000 acre paddock.

*200 Ltr Spray Unit 12Volt

*200 Ltr Spray Unit Petrol

*200 Ltr Fire Fighter

200 ltr Fire Fighter with 5hp petrol engine. This trailer can be registed for normal road use.Can be towed by bike* subject to ATV warning or pulled behind a vehicle. Solid 40mm square axle Ford hubs and wheels.Mudguards and lights  Hose reel with 20 mtrs 3/4" hose, 6 Mtrs suction hose . Can be filled from over head tank or dam. 2 Knapsacks and 1 fire lighter. 1 Rake

*Flat Bed Trailer

*Flat Bed Hand Tipper