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Bi- Pots

Fiamma Bi-poti 1513: 15Ltr top tank: 13Ltr waste tank. Height 330mm Width 360mm Length 435mm

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Fiamma Bi-poti 1520: 15Ltr top tank: 20Ltr waste tank. Height 382mm Width 360mm Length 435mm
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BI-Pot 30

10Ltr Top tank 11Ltr Waste tank H 300mm :W 345mm : L 435mm




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Hold Down Brackets

Hold down brackets for Fiamma Bi- Pot 30

One pair (2) of inox brackets to fix the Bi-Pot 30 to the floor of tour caravan or Motorhome.

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40 Ltr Waste Tank

Fiamma 40 Ltr portable waste tank with level indicator and air release valve
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Toilet Tissue

Fiamma soft tissue toilet paper