Suburban RV Hot Water System SW6PA
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Hot Water System

SW6PA Manual Ignition / Gas Hot Water System

Part 1

Flute assembly back assembly

Part 3

Flue collector front assembly

Part 5

Pressure releaf valve

Part 7

Pilot burner abd thermocouple assembly (1/8")

Part 9

Saddle bracket for main burner

Part 11

Main burner with built in orifice

Part 13

Nut loxit 1/4"

Part 14

Manifold outlet

Part 15

Brass elbow only for tapered inlet unitrol

Part 16

CAUTION  Sit Gas control- Black knob NOTE: could have Red knob (Older units) Please look for part number on unit as there is a possibility of 4 units
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Part 29

Magnesium Anode rod. All Suburban RV Hot Water Systems have an anode rod which absorbs all the corrosiveaction of hot water. It is located on the bottom of HWS under the main burner. You simply unscrew this to drain the tank of water. If the rod is eaten away, replace it with a new one

CAUTION Make sure that the water in this unit is COLD Release the pressure before removing the Anode.Failure to do this may result in being burnt by hot water. If unsure or cannot understand what I mean please take your van to an authorised repairer.

Part 18

Grommet only suits gas inlet pipe

Part 20

Nut loxit 1-1/8"

Part 21

Bushing reducerfor P.R.Valve

Part 22

Pipe connector sleve for P.R.Valve

Part 23

External door complete

Part 24

Polar white flue plate for external door

Part 25

Air shutter clamp